Race to get fit

As a manager of a small office, I have an interest to see that my office mates are healthy and happy. So when the recent new features are added to our Clan Race App, I decided to use it as an opportunity to help them get fit.

The race started after lunch on a Wednesday. With a full belly, they did not have any excuse of not moving. I built this race with three stops, each laced with Footprints, Coins, and Poops. Each stop, Footprint, Coin and Poop will either earn or lose points, so winning a race, while primarily is a fitness race, also requires a little strategizing, as the winner needs to get the most points.

My competitive office mates managed to overcome their carb induced drowsiness and dashed off from the starting point. After seeing them off the starting point, I walked slowly to get the car, thinking I would be waiting for them at the last stop.

As I drove near the final stop, however, I saw one of them approaching the last stop, and when I was parking the car, I already got a text that they had arrived!

It turns out that they really ran the race. Well, 3 of them did. One got left behind because of problem with the GPS signal on his smartphone. He rejoined us at the final stop after 20 minutes. The race was a success because not only did it get my office mates to exercise, it also helped us find opportunities to improve the App, as well as identify problems.

For example, a team that comprised of all iPhone users complained that they stepped on many virtual poops, which resulted in points deducted, while the other teams, who used only Android devices, did not trigger any poop. After checking the race design, we concluded that even though the poops were placed across the street from the designated path, iPhone GPS could be quite inaccurate and trigger poops that were placed over 20 meters (the preset radius for triggering a feature for this race) away. This means that race administrators have to be advised to give more space when placing poops near the correct path.

This race was 1.96 km, according to the winner, who got 48 points, and it took him 16 minutes. I think they are ready to take a more strenuous exercise, which should be a race which I, as the race admin, will be waiting for them in a comfortable place for at least 5 minutes.