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This versatile App can be used for several purposes.

Participating in a treasure-hunt race

Join an adventure-filled race created by your race organizer. Find hidden places, solve puzzles, overcome challenges, by yourself, or in a team. You can participate in a race as either a runner, or as a supporter of a runner. All you need is follow the instruction on our app.


Get a good work out while you enjoy a fun race, or just walk around your neighborhood, because with this app, you can see the Distance, Time spent, and Elevation of your travel!

Travel guide

You can see places of interest near you while you jog, run, or bike, as long as you turn on this App! (We are adding places of interest to more locations. Or, let us know where you are visiting and we will add the attractions there on this App!)


Download in Google Play

Search for:

“Clan Race iOpenhub”


Download in Apple App Store

Search for:

“Clan Race outdoor”



The questions were interesting, and people really familiar with BGC would get it. We lost weight while having fun.   — BGC Art Walk #1


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