More than one way to race

This App can be used in many ways for organizing outdoor activities.

It can be a walk/run/trail that uses clues to take people to interesting places or test their local knowledge, like the BGC Art Walk #1 and #2. In that format, people can join the walk any time. There does not need to be competition between teams. Participants can just have fun figuring out the clues, and see information provided for the tourist spots. The first games of the BGC Art Walks had prizes for the first participants who finished the walks with the fewest stop given up and emailed screenshots to us.

Or it can be used for teams to compete against each other to reach the final stop with the highest points. In the first Coffee Rush race, I gathered two teams together and they set off at the same time from the starting point. The rule to win was that the team who arrived at the final stop with the highest number of points would win. It so happened that that team also was the first to arrive.

After that race, we set down to decide what else we could do to make the App fun in a competitive environment, and not surprisingly, the losing team had a lot of suggestions!

Because of the versatility of the App, different ways of selecting a winner can be designed, and it is important that a clear winning criterion be set before the game starts, else the race organizer will get a lot of complaints.

In the Coffee Rush game, a scenario in which the team that arrived first did not have the highest point could have happened, even though it did not. In theory, teams could have spent more time collecting points than more energy to rush to the finish stop. But because teams do not know how many points the other teams have collected, and the race gives an additional 10 points to the team that arrives at the final stop, the teams in this race still rushed to the finish stop all the way. Thus, in this race, teams will not know who wins until the points collected by all teams are revealed.

One suggestion that we got from the teams that participated in this race was that the shortest time should be given more weight in a race to make it exciting. This can actually be achieved with the existing features of the App. However, I thought we could one up the current design by adding a new feature that will allow the winner to claim a prize automatically. This new feature will allow the race administrator to set the criteria for winning to either by the fastest time, or fastest time plus a minimum number of points collected.

Once the winning criteria are met, a prize code can be sent to the winner so that he/she can claim it from a sponsoring merchant. A prize is always a good incentive for people to exert more!