BGC Art Walk #3

BGC Art Walk #3 is the longest of the 3 BGC Art Walks so far. It has 7 stops and covers a distance of nearly 5 kilometers, so it is designed to be an art walk that gives a fair amount of exercise as well. However, if you are in the mood for a shorter art walk, you can skip Stop #5 (by using the ‘Give Up’ option after you finished the 4th Stop). It will reduce the distance by 1.5 km.

All stops are Proximity Stops only, which means that the hints given to find each stop are easy, and once you are near the vicinity of the stop, the task is completed and you can see the hint for the next stop. There is no time limit, or additional questions to answer.


However, depending on the GPS chip installed on your smartphone, sometimes it can take up to one minute for the game to detect that you have arrived in the vicinity of the stop. So please be patient.

BGC Art Walk #3 also includes information of a lot of public art installations or murals, even those that are not included as stops.

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