Win Tickets to Whisky Manila 2018 with our new race “SpeakEasy”

Whisky Manila 2018 is the largest whisky event in the Philippines. This year it will be held on November 9 and 10 at Shangri-la Hotel at the Fort, Taguig City. At the event, there will be free tasting of whiskys from over 42 brands, whisky cocktail competitions, and master classes. Tickets start at P2,499. Read about this event here.

You can win free tickets by completing our race designed specifically for this event.

The “WalkFast. DrinkSlow. SpeakEasy.” race will cover 4 stops all located within Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

It is open until 8pm on Wednesday November 7. You can start the race any time before the deadline.

There is no fee to join the race. All you need to do is turn on the app on your smartphone and find the stops.

We will have two winners. Each will get two tickets to Whisky Live Manila 2018.

The Fastest

One winner will be the racer who finishes the race within the shortest time AND email the organizer at marketing@thefortcity.com with a screenshot that shows that you have completed all stops. No give up of any stop is allowed. If you are the fastest racer but do not send us the email before the close of the race, we will choose the next fastest racer who has sent us the email as the winner.

The leaderboard will therefore be indicative only. The winner will be determined by us, iOpenhub, Inc.

The Highest Points

Another winner will be the racer who completes all stops and collects the highest number of points from the race. Points will be earned and deducted during the race. Again, email us (marketing@thefortcity.com) with a screenshot of your final score upon completion of the race.

Each stop earns 10 points.
Each coin earns 10 points. Each footstep reached earns 2 point.
Each wrong answer deducts 3 points.
Each stop given up deducts 5 points.
Each poop stepped on deducts 2 point.

This race does not allow racers to take a break during a race. i.e. no “pause” button. If you need to exit the race, and continue later, you will have to start from the first stop.

Enjoy the race!

Whether you win ticket or not, you will be able to find 4 Speakeasy bars in BGC.

Download the App

You can download it from either Google Play Store (“Clan Race iopenhub“), or Apple App Store (“Clan Race outdoor“)