If you are a professional race/treasure hunt organizer, this app would be your best event partner.

You can save manpower in organizing an outdoor fun event for your clients, and appeal to the tech savvy participants.

We have the platform for building great races, all you need to do is to create clever challenges. No coding experience needed.

You can choose to build a treasure hunt that can run itself, or add challenges that are guided by a race master.

Use the app anywhere that has good internet and GPS signal.

Interested in a free trial to build a race? Fill up the form below and have a go at designing it!

Free race
Valid for 3 months. Maximum 10 teams (10 mobile devices) participating at the same time.

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Basic Steps in Building A Race

After you submit the form above, you will receive an email that gives you instruction to go to the dashboard of a newly created race. From there, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the Race Description
At the right hand side of the dashboard, click “Edit” button below the Race Description section. You should fill in all the information but leave the answer of “No stop, just walk?” to False. “Radius” is the theoretical distance of detecting markers on the map from the Runner. We suggest leaving it at “30”.
“Description” should include instruction for the runner at the start of the race. See demo races for references.
“Pause Enabled”: if True, it means Runners will be allowed to take a break and stop the clock. If it is a time-sensitve race, this should be set to False.

Step 2. Add Stops.
Click on the “+Add Stop” button to add a stop. Finish inputing the data for a stop before adding another stop. New stop will be added below the existing stop.

Step 3. Add Stop features.
Input location of a stop by zooming in and clicking on the map provided.
Choose additional features as indicated. Each element of a feature has a legend number.

Click the “Race Information Update” button every time race data is changed to save updated information.

That’s it! Race Admin can sit back and monitor the Runners during a race from the dashboard.

Have questions? Email us at admin@iopenhub.com if you need to get detailed instructions for building your race.

For pricing of building races after the free trial, see this page.