This app contains races designed by race organizers in different locations.

Each race is to be held outdoor in a specific location. Participants will need to carry their mobile devices that have the app activated throughout the race.

The objective of all races are the same though. Find the location of a number of stops by using the clues given in the app.

If a runner ( who can be an individual or a group of individuals representing a team) has figured out the location of a stop, the runner should go to that location carrying the mobile device with the app activated. Once the correct location has been reached, the app will inform the runner, and let the runner proceed to finding the next stop.

Successfully finding all stops will end a race. Depending on how a race is designed, the race organizer can choose the winner by checking the time spent, the points gathered by each team, or the number of stops completed.

Some stops can have additional questions that the runner has to answer before the clue for the next stop is revealed. If a wrong answer is given, points may be deducted. The runner can choose to answer the question again, or give up the stop. Such stop will only be completed either by answering the question correctly or giving up the stop.

Other stops can have virtual coins scattered along the way to the stop to guide the runner.

If a runner cannot find a stop after making good effort, or cannot answer a question correctly, the runner can choose to give up the stop, so that the clue for the next stop can be seen. Penalty points will be deducted.

If your friend or team mate is in a race but you cannot be there, you can show support by joining a race as a supporter of a runner. You can send the runner encouraging emojis.

Depending on the design of a race, supporters can even reveal beacons to help a runner find a stop.

If you would like to organize your own race, contact us at Your first race is free!

Prepare for a race

Runners please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the app, else it may not work properly.

On the day of the race, please check the battery level. Apps that use GPS like ours use a lot of power. Have a power bank as reserve if possible, especially if you use an iPhone, because iPhone’s power management system tends to reduce resources for GPS and other functions when the device is low on power.

Make sure your mobile device has sufficient data service.

If you can choose between using an Android mobile device and an Apple mobile device to run this App, we suggest that you use an Android device, as the geolocation function of Apple devices is less accurate than Android devices according to our experience.

Make sure you read through the rules of the race, if the race organizer has provided them. For example, some races can take into account the points that runners collect through the race.  If the race organizer has provided information of how many points will be awarded for finding a stop, and how many points will be deducted for giving up a stop or answering a question wrongly, it will help you plan your strategy.

During the race

Be prepared to walk around your stop, as sometimes it takes a while for the GPS to locate your mobile device, (and believe it or not, GPS can give the same location slightly different readings on different maps or at different time!)

Be mindful of traffic. Do not forget to check the surrounding when you are looking for a stop. Safety First and Foremost! If you are in a team, assign a safety officer to monitor traffic for other team mates.

As mobile data for the internet may be disrupted during a race, in rare occasions a runner may be disconnected from a race. Usually the runner will be automatically logged back in when data connection resumes. In case it does not, please log in again.

If a stop has a question, and the question disappears before it is answered correctly, click the key icon on the top right hand corner of the screen to see the question again.

Pause a race

Some races allow the runner to take a break during a race. In such cases, a runner can click on the “<“ button at the top of the race and select a button to pause the race, so that the runner can resume from the same stop next time the runner activates this race.

This means that a runner does not have to finish this race in one go. However, since the time spent will be paused also, the race organizer is unlikely to take into account the time record in choosing the winner.

When a race is paused, the current stop, distance traveled and time spent will be stored and continue when the runner resumes the race.

Exit the race

If you choose to exit the race, the race will reset and you will need to start from Stop 1 when you next join.

When a runner exits a race, the distance traveled and time spent will be reset to zero when the runner joins the race next time.


When you see an icon of a pair of binoculars on the map, it just shows an attraction in the vicinity. It is not part of the race.

A Race, or a Walk

Clan Race started as an app that can be used for organizing races, in which teams compete against each other in finishing the race. In such scenarios, all participating teams start in the same place at the same time. Which ever team finishes the last stop first will be the winner.

However, Clan Race can also be used to design a challenge that can be started by any one at any time. People can take on the challenge just for the fun of figuring out the clues while taking a walk.  Anybody can start at any time, and can take a break from it if needed. BGC Arts Walk #1, for example, is a “race” that takes such a format.

The App can even be used as a tourism guide. A “race” called Just Walk is being built so that any one can use the App to navigate any where outdoor and see attractions / places of interest near that person’s position that we have included on the screen.


Download the App

You can download it from either Google Play Store (“Clan Race iOpenhub“), or Apple App Store (“Clan Race outdoor“) any time. But make sure you have the latest version whenever you are ready to start a race.