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04/10/2018 9:17 am  

Without spoiling the fun for others (i.e. not disclosing the questions and challenges), can you share your race experience?

Karl Walk
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04/10/2018 9:26 am  

Did I enjoy the game?
Yes it was fun especially when you win because tickets for performances in Maybank are so expensive.

Did I learn something new about BGC using the game?
Yes i always pass the clock structure with knowing it was a Clock and didn't know the structures have description

Would I play the game again?
Yes of course, winning makes u want to play again because of the prize, best incentive

My recommendations to improve the game:
1st BGC Art Walk game was difficult it took me 2 hours, and 2nd BGC Art Walk took me 15mins, so maybe somewhere it between. Sometimes the GPs didnt pick up.


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